What is MindStone?

MindStone is a free open-source alternative solution to Obsidian Publish

Here how it look like once published:

This website include a published version of default Obsidian Help vault, Start here

MindStone features:

  • ✅ Drop-in support for (default) Obsidian Vault
  • ✅ [[Wiki Link]] built-in support
  • ✅ Folder-base navigation side bar
  • ✅ Backlink support out of the box
  • ✅ Interactive Graph view
  • ✅ Easy to deploy to Netlify, Vercel...

Getting started

Run on your local machine

Steps to run it on your local machine:

  1. Clone this Github repo
  2. Install yarn package manager
  3. Copy all of your markdown file (.md only) and folder to /posts/ except /posts/index.md file
  4. Go to root folder of your project, run yarn && yarn run dev
  5. Open this link in your browser http://localhost:3000/

If you prefer video content have a look at my 📺 walk through video

Publish to the internet

Setup environment (with Netlify)

  1. Create your Github account and clone my repository
  2. Create Netlify account and follow this instruction

Your normal workflow for publishing content, after initial setup is:

  1. Simply writing your content in Obisidian (or your favourite Markdown editor)
  2. Commit your changes and Push it to your Github repo

If you prefer video content, watch my 📺 walk through video here

These are just some basic features for MindStone v1, many more are coming (if I find enough of interest and this will probably a premium/paid option):

  • 🎯 Obsidian, Notion, VSCode Plugin
  • 🎯 Page Preview (like Obsidian Core plugin)
  • 🎯 Andy Sliding pane
  • 🎯 Full text search with Cmd + K
  • 🎯 Infinite canvas for browsing through notes and connections

Some know issues

This an early version of MindStone, which mean there are bugs and issues. Below are some known issues, that I plan to work on:

  • Image link in wiki link style is not supported yet. ![[Image_link.png]] will not work yet. see work around below
  • Graphview does not load when clicking on side-bar or click node on graphview, browser reload will refresh it state
  • Graph view layout and interaction is still very rough. More UI/UX improvements are needed.
  • Transclusion is not working yet.

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